User Instructions for Rhino Horn

User Instructions for Rhino Horn Junior

One Rhino Spoon of salt…

Use fine grained kitchen salt.

One Rhino Spoon of salt…

You may use tap water if you know it is not contaminated.

One Rhino Spoon of salt…

If you are uncertain about the quality of your tap water, you should boil the water a few minutes and let it cool down to body temperature.

The Salt and the Water

Prepare a saline solution by filling the Rhino Horn with a Rhino Spoon of ordinary fine-grained kitchen salt or sea salt (NaCl) and body temperature water (37° C / 98.6° F). Do not use salt replacements. Close the openings of the Rhino Horn™ with your palm and finger and shake it a few times to dissolve the salt.

If there are concerns about water quality, boil the water for one minute and then let it cool to body temperature. If the tap water is safe, you may use that.

Cold water and freshwater irritates the mucous membranes. Therefore the water used for nasal cleansing should be somewhat salty and it should be at about body temperature. The body fluids contain 0.9 % salt, and the solution in the Rhino Horn should be with a similar salt concentration. The 3 dl water in the Rhino Horn therefore needs 2.7 g salt which is what the measuring spoon contains when using fine-grained cooking salt or sea salt.

Rinsing the Nose

One Rhino Spoon of salt…

To use the Rhino Horn, tilt your head sideways over the sink and from the side gently place the spout into the upper nostril. Start with your less congested nostril. Breathing normally through your open mouth, pour the saline solution into your upper nostril, and if the angle of the head is correct, the water will drain directly through the lower nostril.

Do not stick your chin out; keep it tucked in towards your chest. Otherwise, the water will run back from the nasal cavity into your throat. Repeat on the other side.

When approximately half the water in the Rhino Horn has run through your nose, remove it. You may empty your nose from water and mucus by closing one nostril and blow GENTLY through the open nostril. If you hear any noise like popping in your ear, you have blown too hard.

Repeat on the other side.


Empty Your Nose

When you have finished pouring water through your nose from both sides, you must make sure to empty your nose. To clear any remaining water or mucus from your nose and sinuses, bend forward to get the top of your head down; look to the side, close the lower nostril and gently blow into a tissue through the open nostril.

Water of Body Temperature...

Be careful not to blow so hard that your ears pop. If you hear any noise lin your ears, you have blown too hard. This is important to avoid unpleasant over pressure in your ears afterward.

Repeat on the other side. Do this a few times.

Cleaning the Rhino Horn

After each use, Rhino Horn should be rinsed out and left to air-dry. Virus and bacteria do not survive long on a dry plastic surface. After drying the only virus and bacteria on the Rhino Horn will be those that are already in the air we breathe.

Ear nose and throat doctors recommend you to look upon a Rhino Horn as a personal device – just like a toothbrush.

Rhino Horn may be washed in a dishwasher and may even be cleaned in boiling water for a few minutes. The Rhino Horn may also be in a microwave oven for several minutes without getting damaged.

Washing in a dishwasher or boiling is necessary only if two persons are using the same Rhino Horn right after one another. Normally air-drying is enough.

Do You Have Questions?

You may consult the FAQ page to have an answer.

Recommended by Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors

Exaggerated use of nasal spray is harmful to the mucous membranes. It may create an enhanced tendency for the mucous membranes to get swollen. Saltwater has a natural relaxing effect on the mucous membranes and makes them more resistant to virus and bacteria.Warm saltwater also stimulates the natural purification mechanism of the respiratory system. It increases the removal of mucus and particles from the lungs.

Warm saltwater also stimulates the natural purification mechanism of the respiratory system. It increases the removal of mucus and particles from the lungs.



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